BrainGain April 15th: The Dark Side of the Mind


The Dark Side of the Mind. April 15th, 18:30.

Crime is a topic we don’t talk about often. The media reports the latest crimes, but public education on criminology is limited. Rūta Treija will share her knowledge on Forensic Psychology and Criminology topics that everyone should know. Crime happens all around us and there are many preventable situations in which we can play a role – by preventing or reporting deviant behaviour, suspicious situations and people. Most importantly, knowledge in this area may save one from severe psychological or physical trauma and experiences. Rūta Treija, obtained a degree in Forensic Psychology in the United Kingdom, and when she suddenly decided to return to Latvia, she had to think how to use her education in a country where the vacancies in Forensic Psychology can be counted on one hand. Since her return, Rūta has been giving lectures to the public, where she talks about different crimes and the psychology behind them in a light, almost stand-up approach. Since January this year, she has also been a university lecturer in criminology.

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Please note that the program language will be Latvian, but informal translation to English can be provided if requested.