Five new members elected on the board of AppLV


On 9 December 2023, the new Board of Directors of “Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā” was elected.

Two members of the Board, Oskars Teikmanis and Roberts Strenga, remained unchanged, as their terms end in the spring.

Of the five Board members elected, Kristaps Loze, Mara McLaughlin-Taylor and Miks Muižarājs were incumbents and Liene Jansone and Roberts Alhimionoks joined as new Board members.

At the first Board meeting, Kristaps Loze was unanimously elected as the new Chair of the Board, while Miks Muižarājs and Māra McLaughlin-Taylor will act as Vice-Chairs.

Kristaps Loze, the newly elected Chairman of the AppLV Board, states:
“I am pleased to not only see a number of members from the previous Board continuing to serve on this newly elected AppLV Board, but also to see the return to the Board of people who have successfully served on it in the past, as well as the addition of new highly qualified professionals. Moreover, it is invaluable that the outgoing Chairman of the Board, Miks Muižarājs, will continue to be active in the Association as Vice-Chairman. The newly elected Board has been actively committed to planning for the coming year from day one, and has made it a priority in the year ahead to not only continue the growth that has been started, but also to strengthen AppLV as the leading returning migrant organisation in Latvia.”

Miks Muižarājs, the former Chairman of the Board of AppLV, says:
“As an organisation that holds networking events for returning migrants and foreigners in Latvia, AppLV was particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, I am very pleased that we have managed to grow and develop over the last two years, creating a range of new event formats, attracting dozens of new members, expanding our representation in umbrella organisations and advisory mechanisms, and championing a range of important initiatives that promote remigration to Latvia. Organisations can only develop if they change and transform internally. It has been an honour to lead this organisation for the past two years and it is a pleasure to pass on this leadership role to safe hands.”

This year, two new board members – Liene Jansone and Roberts Alhimionoks – join the organisation’s board.

Liene Jansone joined the association in 2017 after returning from the UK, where she worked for four years for a laser scanning systems intergration company as a laser scanning engineer and sales project manager. Upon her return, Liene became actively involved in AppLV, organising summer members’ events and Christmas parties. Liene has previously been a member of the Board and after a short break is looking forward to getting more involved in AppLV again.

Roberts Alhimionoks spent seven years studying and working abroad. While in the United Kingdom, he studied international relations and politics, and on his return to Latvia, he started his professional career in public administration and later continued it in interest representation on the Foreign Investors Council of Latvia. Roberts wants to develop initiatives that use the expertise and knowledge of remigrants to contribute to Latvia’s growth.

The organisation thanks the previous Board of Directors, who in 2023 invested their work into building a strong community. We are confident that the newly elected Board is ready to take With Global Experience Latvia to new heights, to integrate our collective global experience into Latvian society and to continue to grow the community and reach new audiences.

“Ar Pasaules Pieredzi Latvijā” is the first and leading remigrant organisation in Latvia.
It was established in 2017 as a platform for people with different global experiences to meet and work on common projects that speak to and connect. All members are people who have lived outside Latvia for a certain part of their lives. Today, a growing network of remigrants has been established, with the intention of fostering a culture of cooperation and exchange of ideas. It also strengthens ties with people who live outside Latvia but are thinking of returning home.

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