AppLV Membership Benefits Program Adds Turkish Airlines


The AppLV Membership Benefits programme expands with one of the largest airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines, becoming a member of their Corporate Club. It allows AppLV members to receive up to 10% discounts on flights, an additional 10 kilograms of baggage, and automatically flexible tickets from ten airports, including Riga and Istanbul; making it easier and more convenient to travel abroad and return home. 

Turkish Airlines is Turkey’s national airline. Since 2022, the airline has more than 340 flight destinations in 126 countries around the world, making it the largest airline in the world by number of airports reached. At the same time, the airline is a member of Star Alliance and is one of the fastest-growing airlines in Europe. The association thanked the airline’s powerful team for its hospitable attitude and forthcomingness.

AppLV plans to expand our Membership Benefits program in 2023. If you have recently returned to Latvia, are a digital nomad, or newcomer to Latvia – become a member of the association by completing our questionnaire. The association regularly organizes networking events, conferences and seminars, and engages members in the decision-making process.

If your company wants to attract specialists with global experience, we will be very pleased to start cooperation under the AppLV Membership Benefits programme. If interested, please contact us at