Monthly News and Events – July 2024


The shortest night of the year has passed and July has already arrived. This month will start with another Happy Hour – but this time at a different location – in the Briāna Street quarter, at a place called “Desiņas un Mīdijas” next to Labietis. Then, at the end of the week, we will invite you to join us the LAMPA festival to watch several members participate in discussion (we are also organising carpooling; see link below). In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are also continuing our successful programme of support for remigrants, which will include both an online and onsite event this month.

See you there!

04.07., 18:30
Happy Hour –  (Desiņas un Mīdijas, Aristida Briāna iela 9a)

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Festival LAMPA

Board member Roberts Alhimionoks will represent AppLV in the LDDK tent with the discussion “Experience-based advice workshop ‘Latvia’s economy: competing with itself or with its neighbours?’” Please note, this discussion will be held in Latvian.

09.07., 15.00
Support Programme for Return Migrants (online)

“Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā” has launched a new and promising project with the aim to support future and current returnees! Research shows that those who are better prepared in advance and have a better understanding of the emotional aspects of returning home find it easier to settle in.

Diaspora members who are considering and/or planning to return to Latvia and want to prepare themselves emotionally for the stress of return are welcome to participate in the support programme.

During the seminar, our specialist will talk about the factors influencing return and there will be an opportunity to ask questions on this topic. *The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia from the funds of the Diaspora Support Projects Programme.

23.07., 18.30
Open Members’ Meeting (location TBA)

As usual, we will welcome new members and discuss all of our current developments at our monthly members’ meeting. If you would like to more actively join the work of the organization, make sure to attend online or in person

27.07., 10:00- 15.00 (Miera studija Nometņu ielā 61)
Support Programme for Return Migrants (onsite)

The organization has launched a promising new project with the aim of supporting returnees to Latvia!

We invite you to take part in a psychological support programme for repats who have returned to Latvia relatively recently and have had problems adjusting or would like support to improve their ability to integrate. Participation in the group is voluntary and confidentiality will be respected. The programme is free of charge. Please note that the program language is Latvian. *The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia from the funds of the Diaspora Support Projects Programme.

To register:

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