Horizontalogs- Gatis Šipkovs and Jānis Kreceris. Honduras


In episode 8 of Horizontalogs we have come to the letter H, and the country we are focusing on is Honduras.
That’s where we’re taken by Gatis and Janis, who – as they say – are just two office workers who decided at one point to see what’s going on in the wide world. In 2018, they went on an expedition, covering 2500 km by bicycle, visiting Honduras as well.
The gentlemen will share stories of pensioners on strike and sleeping in a tent next to a lake of crocodiles, as well as tips on how to prepare answers to locals’ questions in advance, knowing you don’t speak the same language.
If you want to hear the story of this experience and find out what the blue stripes on the Honduran flag stand for, as well as other interesting facts about this country in Central America, don’t miss this episode!

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