Introducing ‘Horizontalogs’: Exploring the World through Latvian Stories


Photo: Roberts Strenga

The association “Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā”/”Brain Gain” is launching a new radio program cycle called “Horizontalogs” on Radio NABA. The first episode will air this Friday at 11:00 on 95.3 FM frequency. In the first “Horizontalogs” episode, Miks Muizarajs and Roberts Tomme will interview Ieva Hertele, who spent more than four years in Afghanistan. Ieva was in Kabul on the day when Taliban fighters took over the city in August 2021.

The “Horizontalogs” program offers the audience the opportunity to explore the world through other people’s stories, facts, and current events. Each “Horizontalogs” episode will focus on one of the 195 UN-recognized countries in the world and invite Latvian citizens who have lived or continue to live in that country. The program will create a map of the world from Latvian people’s stories and try to identify the main insights that arise from life abroad. Each episode will consist of three parts: a personal story in which the audience can delve deeper into the guest’s experience; a challenge in which the guest competes in a quiz with the program host; and a view of Latvia, in which the guest shares their opinion on current events in Latvia.

The name “Horizontalogs” comes from the combination of three words: “Horizon,” which refers to the distance, the unseen, and the eternal longing for the unknown; “Dialog,” or conversation between the program hosts and guests; and “Ontology,” which in the philosophy of science is the study of existence and the essential features that determine it.

Miks Muizarajs and Roberts Tomme will host the program, which will air on the first Friday of each month at 11:00 on Radio NABA. The full version of the program will be available on Radio NABA and LSM streaming sites, as well as on the website and social media channels of the “With Global Experience in Latvia” association.