The ethical hacker: Kirils Solovjovs


Article published in magazine “IR”.

In the early days of Possible Security, hackers sought and found ways to hack into the IT systems of publicly important organisations to expose their vulnerabilities and make them think about cybersecurity, the importance of which businesses are only slowly realising.

The day before the interview, cyber security specialist Kirill Solovyov, as befits a hacker, called from a private number. We have arranged the meeting a month in advance, but the location is still unclear. The company he heads, I SIA, known on the market as Possible Security, does not have its own office, so we agree to meet in the co-working space of Hamann Coworking in the recently renovated Hamann Manor in Agenskalns. The company also organises its own meetings, which are rarely held in person.

He arrives at the meeting with a bag containing various tools for his work. Among the antennas for probing wireless networks is a device for reading information from electronic keys that can be opened with a card, and a special ring that can be programmed with the information once it has been processed, so that, when the key is accessed, it can be opened by waving a hand past it unnoticed. He is a so-called “ethical hacker” whose business is to test the security of various IT systems by trying to break into them on the orders of their owners.


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