About Us

Our organization, “Ar pasaule pieredzi Latvijā” (AppLV), is an NGO. Each month, we organize story sharing evenings in Riga, events in other parts of Latvia and build a network of people who return or move to Latvia. The organization participates in public discussions devoted to issues that are important for such people. For example, our organization participated in the writing of the Latvian Diaspora Law. There are more than 70 official members in AppLV, however, the movement itself has grown to more than 4000 people (both those who have already moved to Latvia and those who plan to do it). Our organization is the first and leading organization in the sphere of remigration.

In addition to monthly events in Trompete, we organize discussions on different topics that are important to society. The first such event was devoted to the municipal elections of 2017. Within this event, AppLV and a student organization “Lettonia” hosted a debate evening involving all leading political parties in Riga. Later, together with an organization “Apvienību par godīgiem nodokļiem” we discussed remigration and its influence on taxes in regions within an event called “LAMPA”.  We have also participated in different events and discussions that took place during the European Congress of Latvians in 2017. Moreover, several events were hosted in cooperation with the “Digital Freedom Festival” and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).  

How to Follow Us

You can find us on Facebook. Our page, “Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā” has information on all of our events and live streams as well as other useful information for our followers. Additionally, we maintain Facebook group as a forum where members of the group can participate in different discussions and share interesting information for our movement. Follow our page, join our group, and you will stay up to date!

Cooperation Partners

AppLV cooperates closely with the European Latvian Association (ELA), World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE), start-ups and other organizations who share our views.

We are always looking for new partners and new projects to work on with them!

Our goals

  • Unite people who have returned or have moved to Latvia and represent the interests of re-migrants in Latvia.
  • Encourage the return of Latvian citizens and non-citizens to Latvia.
  • Create favourable conditions for socio-economics and ideas for the development of Latvia. This includes uniting the intellectual potential of remigrants and favouring knowledge transfer for the well being and development of Latvia.
  • Encourage international experience and open-mindedness in Latvia.
  • Encourage the integration in Latvian society of those foreigners who have moved to Latvia.